WCF Approved Air Pro Curling Pad


$25.95 CAD 
Item #: AIRPR

  • The Air Pro Curling Pad from Goldline conforms with WCF Specifications.
  • WCF Approved Design. Certified for use in WCF Championships and Events, and any leagues/events that require WCF Certified pads.
  • Snap fit provides quick & easy pad replacement.
  • Compatible with Air Head 2.0 snap-fit models.

The all new Air Pro Pad from Goldline Curling is the pad to buy if you have any broom with an Air Head 2.0 and require a WCF certified pad. Both the Air Head 2.0 and the Air Pro Pad have been Certified to WCF Specifications and are cleared for use in WCF Championships and Events, as well as any events or leagues that require WCF certified brooms.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Air Pro Pad is not compatible with the original Air Head. If your Air Head uses a velcro attachment, please contact us so we can upgrade you to a compatible Air Head 2.0 with snap fit attachment.