Women's Curling Shoes - Right Handed

Check out our complete collection of women's right-handed curling shoes by Olson and Goldline. From the novice curler to the elite, we have the shoes to fit your style and skill level.  If you throw the rock with your right hand, these are the shoes for you.

Sizing: Unless stated otherwise, our curling shoe sizes are accurate to North American athletic sizes.  When choosing the shoe size, please select the same size as you would wear in a sneaker.

 Ordering shoes for a tournament or bonspiel?

It usually takes several weeks to adapt fully to a new pair of shoes, and it is advisable that you have several games with a new pair of shoes, to fine tune the balance and muscle memory needed for maximum performance. We recommend that you order new shoes at least a month in advance, so you have plenty of games in before a competitive event.