Goldline Regular Slip on Gripper - (Antislider)


$22.95 CAD 

The Goldline Slip-on Gripper (also known as the antislider) consists of a rubber composition specially formulated to provide traction on ice while at the same time being durable and affording longevity.

The gripper is an essential piece of curling equipment. It gives you traction and, therefore, stability on your slider foot. The only time it is usually taken off is during the delivery of the stone.

The gripper is not left/right shoe specific and is designed to fit both the right and left shoe.

Important Note:

Goldline Grippers are available in two models; a wide version to specifically fit the entire Goldline line of Shoes (G50, Momentum, Quantum, Podium) and any wide-width shoes that were custom converted to curling shoes. 

Regular grippers are more suited for shoes that trend towards a more narrow width, including any narrow-width shoes that were custom converted to curling shoes.  

Please choose from the following sizing charts to determine if you need a wide or narrow gripper. 

Sizing Chart for non-Goldline shoes

Note: Regular grippers can be ordered from this page.  Please visit our Wide Gripper page if the sizing chart indicates that the wide gripper is the better fit.

Recommendation For club orders (learn to curl events):

When ordering grippers for your club, please consider the general preference for footwear worn to these events in selecting your gripper needs.

Besides the Goldline Shoes listed above, Wide Grippers are recommended for sneakers and other athletic shoes as these trend towards a wider width. Conversely, regular grippers are more suited for more formal dress shoes, as these trend towards a more narrow width.

Note:  Grippers are sold Individually.