Goldline Fiberlite Curling Broom Handles


$69.95 CAD 
Item #: HANDL-FL-LIM-118

Available in 1" and 1 1/8" outside diameter Handles.

  • Replacement Goldline Fiberlite Air curling broom handle.

  • Keep your existing Goldline broom head and upgrade to a lighter broom handle.

  • Sold as a broom handle only (Head not included).

Replace a damaged Goldline Air Broom handle or upgrade from a heavier fiberglass handle to a lighter handle while saving money by using your existing Goldline Air broom head.



Fiberlite composite handles are lighter and stronger than Fiberglass.  With a lighter handle, more of your energy will be transferred directly into the ice, resulting in more efficient sweeping with less effort.

These handles come in standard 1," and 1 1/8" external diameters, and are compatible with all Air Style broom heads, such as the Air Head, Air Head X, and newer Excaliber and Saber head that has a push-button release mechanism.