Excaliber Curling Delivery Stick - Head Only


$44.95 CAD 
Item #: EXCAL-HEAD-118

The Excaliber Head from Goldline Curling features the cleanest release of any delivery device.  This head fits on any 1 1/8" diameter handle, allowing you to create your own unique delivery device.

    If you are either unable to throw the rock from the hack, or simply choose not to do so, delivery sticks offer another highly effective option.  Delivery sticks take some practice, however once mastered, your weight and accuracy match that of the traditional hack delivery.

    The Excaliber Head that fits the 1" diameter handles are no longer available from us or the manufacturer for the remainder of the curling season.  Estimated date of restock is late August 2022.



    • For those who prefer to not throw from the hack, the Excaliber is a highly effective tool to assist you with throwing the rock.

    • The cleanest release of any delivery device.

    • Fits any 1 1/8" diameter handle to create your own unique delivery device.
    • Fits all rock handles.