Airway X Curling Pads


$22.95 CAD 

  • Sweep more effectively for weight, thanks to the 16% increase in surface area compared to the Airway Pad.
  • Fabric and foam are based on the renowned Norway Pad, offering optimal dependability and effectiveness for the recreational curler.
  • The snap fit system works exclusively with the larger Air Head X and enables quick and easy pad replacement.

The Plum and Pink Pads are not available yet but should be soon.

For years the Norway curling pad has been the absolute standard for the recreational market. The Airway and Airway X pads are based on this tried and trusted pad. It features the same fabric, ridges and foam that curlers around the world have come to know and trust.

The Air X system, including the Air Head X, Air Pro X for competitive play and Airway X for recreational play, were developed hand-in-hand with some of the world's elite curlers.

The snap fit attachment method facilitates quick and easy pad replacement.

IMPORTANT: Airway X Pads are designed to work exclusively with the Air Head X and are not compatible with the original Air Head.