Carbon Fiber Impact Broom - Tsunami


$179.95 CAD 
Item #: CFIMP-TSU-100

Goldline's Carbon Fiber Impact brooms merge high performance with unrivalled ease of use in curling. Goldline partnered with a Sports Engineer and high-performance curler to develop the Impact head, to achieve the following goals:

  • Maximize performance for Directional Sweeping techniques (carve, hold, carry the stone).

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership and environmental impact by providing individually replaceable broom components.

  • Certification to meet WCF Specifications when paired with an Impact Pro Sleeve (sold separately).

  • Pairing with a Top-of-the-line carbon fiber handle with Grip Zone technology, so you always have a firm grip when you need it the most.

Individually replaceable components help reduce the overall cost of ownership over the broom's lifetime and minimize the environmental impact.

Each Carbon Fiber Impact broom comes equipped with a highly durable Impact Rec Sleeve, offering the most effective performance.

The Rec Sleeve utilizes the same fabric Goldline has been using for years in our Norway, Airway and Airway X pads, and should typically last for about 25 games, or an entire season if you're curling once per week.

The Carbon Fiber Impact Head comes pre-assembled and fully equipped with everything you need to get on the ice. These include a carbon fiber handle with a grip coating and a fully assembled Impact Head (Head, Foam, Base, and Sleeve).

The Impact Head uses the same popular spring lock system as you find on Goldline's Air Head brooms enabling quick head replacement.