#UnitedWeCurl Fiberlite Air Broom: Indigenous Culture


$119.95 CAD 
Item #: FLAIR-IND-100

  • The Indigenous Culture broom was designed by Greyden Yee Louison  as part of the  #UnitedWeCurl  initiative.

  • Proceeds from sales of the Indigenous Culture broom will help support efforts to increase curling participation in Greyden's community.

  • Fiberlite Air Brooms feature a composite handle, and come equipped with an Air Head and Airway Pad.

  • The Air Head is certified to meet WCF Specifications when paired with an Air Pro Pad.

The Indigenous Culture broom was designed for us by Creyden Yee Louison from the Kahkewistahaw First Nation. The imagery he has selected is powerful, and you can learn about it as described here in Greyden's own words:

At the top of the broom, I have the sweetgrass and peace pipe.

For the Indigenous people, the peace pipe is looked at as a sacred object. When people go to church, they use the bible to pray to the creator, this is our way to pray to the creator.

Sweetgrass is inserted into the peace pipe and Indigenous people would smoke it for ceremonies and to pray. When the sweetgrass is burned, the smoke from it goes to heaven. This is how they tie together with one another.