Women's Tyro Curling Shoes (RH)


$99.95 CAD $139.00 CAD
Item #: TYROS-W-090

The Tyro curling shoe is designed to meet the performance and pocketbook needs of the entry level or casual curler. If you are looking for a sharp looking shoe that incorporates all the basics at a reasonable price, Tyro fits the bill.

Tyro can start you off and, if you wish, it can take you through your whole career. It features all the essential ingredients: a durable black Teflon slider gives you moderate speed, a special rubber on the gripper shoe gives you traction and stability, and a well insulated upper ensures you will be comfortable and warm.

Configured for curlers that throw the stone with the right hand.


  • Black comfortable faux leather insulated upper.

  • New rubber gripper composition affords better traction.

  • Durable Black Teflon slider for maximum stability.

  • Right Hand Delivery.

Rating:   Beginner - Novice, Casual Curlers

Available Sizes:   9,  10

Shoe Width: Standard (Medium) Width

 FREE Goldline Gripper Included

We include a Goldline gripper (regular price of $17.00) absolutely free and we will automatically match the proper gripper for your shoe size.

The rubber used in the Goldline gripper (antislider) is specially formulated to provide traction on ice, while at the same time being durable. 

The gripper is an important piece of equipment. It gives you traction and therefore stability on your slider foot. The only time it is usually taken off is when delivering the stone.