Rockwatcher Curling Timer


$49.95 CAD 


  • Custom designed angled display, narrow profile.

  • 3 lap/ split memory recall.

  • Accuracy tested to 1/100th second.

  • Large Digit holographic display.

  • Lithium battery.

  • Shock resistant, narrow profile and lightweight design.

  • Audible beep, On or Off control.

  • The patented timer band attachment, allows easy positioning on the brush handle at anytime.

The Rockwatcher Pro is a rock timer specifically designed for curling. It fastens to your broom handle for easy access, operation is simple, and the numbers are large and easy to read.

The Rockwatcher Pro was designed to address the need for a convenient, easy to operate, and easy to read timer. You simply fasten it using the velcro strap to the location you prefer on your broom handle.

The difference between the Rockwatcher Pro and the Classic is that that the pro features a 3 lap / split memory recall and has an audible beep with On or Off control.