Men's Quantum S Curling Shoes (RH & LH)


$129.95 CAD 
Item #: QUANS-M-070

The Price of Quantum Shoes is determined by the Slider Speed Discs selected once chosen from the pull down tab. 

Every Quantum Shoe order comes with a free set of Gripper Discs as well as one free pull on Gripper.

Quantum S Curling Shoes offer superior comfort, durability, stability and a unique disc system that allows you to match performance to your particular style and ability, giving you a pair of shoes that works for both how you play today and how that may change in the future.

All Quantum shoes require two sets of discs, one for each foot. We provide one set of gripper discs with each pair of shoes and you must then purchase a set of slider discs for your sliding foot. Alternatively, you may purchase a 2nd set of gripper discs if you are going to be using these as "double gripper" shoes.

Quantum Curling Shoes have discs placed strategically on the outsole in a specific pattern that creates a wide balance platform.The “Stability Channel” down the center of the sole ensures that you slide on the periphery of the sole, optimizing balance and stability.

This disc pattern also eliminates drift, irrespective of the orientation of each disc or your foot during delivery.


  • Faux leather uppers that provide comfort and warmth at an affordable price.
  • Features a disc-based slider system, enabling you to upgrade your shoes, with higher speed sliders as your skill improves.

  • The Stability Channel down the center of the sole ensures that you slide on the periphery of the sole, optimizing balance, stability and also eliminating drift.

  • Quantum shoes are worn by elite curlers such as Brad Jacobs, Kaitlyn Lawes and Alina Paetz.
  •  Configurable for either left or right handed delivery. 

Quantum Curling Shoes come with one set of gripper discs that you snap into the sole of your gripper shoe. You can then customize the shoe to match your ability and style by selecting the slider discs with a speed rating appropriate for you.




These shoes can be worn as left or right handed shoes depending on which shoes the slider and gripper discs are placed on.

There are two different slider discs available, ranging in speed from 7 (moderate speed) to 10 (fast). If you don't want to start off too fast, you can begin with discs you are comfortable with and upgrade later, when you are ready. Just snap out the old discs and snap in the new ones!

Our moderate speed (Speed 7) Teflon discs give similar performance as a traditional 1/8" Teflon slider. The fast (Speed 10) Teflon discs are similar to the performance of a traditional 1/4" Teflon slider.

If you already have acquired a set of slider disks elsewhere, you can also choose the "No Discs Required" option. 

Rating:  Novice - Intermediate ( Speed 7 Discs)
               Intermediate - Advanced (Speed 10 Discs)

Available Sizes:   7, 8½

Shoe Width: Standard (Medium) Width

Bonus Item

We include a Goldline gripper (regular price of $17.00) absolutely free and we will automatically match the proper gripper for your shoe size.

The rubber used in the Goldline gripper (antislider) is specially formulated to provide traction on ice, while at the same time being durable. 

The gripper is an important piece of equipment. It gives you traction and therefore stability on your slider foot. The only time it is usually taken off is when delivering the stone.