Men's Quantum E Curling Shoes with Double Grippers


$204.95 CAD 
Item #: QUANE-M-070DG

Quantum curling shoes offer comfort, durability, stability and a unique disc system that allows you to match performance to your particular style and ability, giving you a pair of shoes that works for both how you play today and how that may change in the future.

This shoe has been pre-configured with double grippers, for stick curlers, and are also suitable for ice technicians and for coaches and trainers that spend a considerable amount of time on the ice.


  • Faux leather uppers that provide comfort and warmth at an affordable price.

  • The disc placement pattern was strategically designed for optimizing balance and stability.

  •  Pre-configured with gripper disks on both shoes.

  Stick Curling, Ice Technicians, Coaches and Trainers

Available Sizes:   7 

Some shoe sizes are sold-out by both our company and the manufacturer and are unavailable for the remainder of the curling season.

Shoe Width: Standard (Medium) Width