Goldline Curling Masks


$14.95 CAD 

Note that there are no returns or exchanges allowed on masks. Width is 20.5 cm (not including straps). Height is 14 cm. One size fits most.

  • Double layer protection with nose fitting for an even closer fit.

  • Around the ear straps for comfort and fit with adjustable tighteners.

  • Inner pocket opening for disposable filter (not supplied).

  • Machine washable.
  • No returns or exchanges on masks.

Protect yourself and those around you whether you're on or off the ice with these Goldline Curling face masks. Featuring a double layer design, with a 100% polyester outer layer and 100% cotton inner layer, these machine washable masks are comfortable, durable and look great too.

Reduce fog on your glasses, and achieve a better fit thanks to the adjustable metal nose piece. Adjustable ear straps are also great for ensuring an optimal fit while maintaining a high level of comfort.

These masks even include an inner pocket for inserting a disposable filter (filter not included).