Air Saber Curling Stick and Broom - Silver


$149.95 CAD 
Item #: SABER-SLV-100

This Air Saber Delivery Stick comes complete with a 1" fiberglass handle that is silver.  If you are suffering from knee, back, hip problems or arthritis, the Saber is made for you.


  • Our unique 2-in-1 device now with the Saber Head and the lighter Air Head all on one piece of equipment.

  • Use the delivery stick to throw your rock, then turn the device around and be ready to sweep. 

  • 1" FG Silver handle.

  • Proven Airway pad.


The Air Saber incorporates the proven Excaliber head for throwing the rock with the popular Air Head for sweeping into a single device.

You no longer have to carry two pieces of equipment and worry about the one you need being stuck at the other end of the ice!

The Excaliber delivery head provides a clean and accurate release, and the Air Head with the ?Airway Pad provides effective sweeping.  The handle is a 1" Fiberglass.