Air Flip Duo


$129.95 CAD 
Item #: AIRFL-1"


  • Air Head on one end, Excaliber on the other. 

  • Ideal all-in-one device for stick curlers.

  • Start by throwing with the Excaliber end, featuring the cleanest release of any delivery device.

  • Flip the device around, and use the Air Head with Airway pad for a light weight and effective sweeping experience.

  • Features a 1" Fiberglass handle in silver.

If you can't get down into the hack anymore, using a stick is a great way to continue curling. We've found that many people prefer to use a combo device that can function as both their delivery stick and their broom. This reduces how many devices you need to carry around, and avoids the common problem of the device you need being at the other end of the ice!

Goldline's Flip Stick Duo solves this problem by combining our Excaliber Head on one end and our Air Head on the other. The Excaliber features the cleanest release of any delivery device and the Air Head, combined with the Airway pad, provides a lightweight and effective sweeping experience.